Former Ph.D. Students




Fangni ZHANG

Thesis: ¡°Modelling and analyzing the cross-modal interaction with road capacity policies and responsive transit services¡±, graduated in 2016. 

(currently, Lecturer, School of Aviation, The University of New South Wales, Australia)




Thesis: ¡°Morning commute with bottleneck congestion and parking capacity constraints¡±, graduated in 2014.

(Lecturer,  Faculty of Engineering, The University of New South Wales, Australia)



Hongbo YE

Thesis: ¡°Day-to-day flow dynamic models and applications¡±, graduated in 2014. 

(currently, Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering and Industrial Design University of Liverpool, UK)




Thesis: ¡°Analysis of taxi services with search frictions and congestion externalities¡±, graduated in 2012.

(currently, Graduate Engineer, Meinhardt (Hong Kong) Ltd, Hong Kong, China)



Xiaolei WANG

Thesis: ¡°Design and implementation of tradable credit scheme for network mobility management¡±, graduated in August, 2012.

(currently, Associate Professor, Sino-US Global Logistics Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China)




Zhijia TAN

Thesis: ¡°Analysis of economic issues for highway franchising¡±, graduated in 2010. 

(currently, Professor, School of Maritime Economics and Management, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian, China)



Xiaolei GUO

Thesis: ¡°Pricing and financing roads in transportation networks¡±, graduated in 2008. 

(currently, Associate Professor, Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada)



Thesis: ¡°Game-theoretic models for competitive pricing and network design problems¡±, graduated in 2006. 

(currently, Professor, School of Business Administration, Southwest University of Economics and Finance, China)


Wei XU

Thesis: ¡°Development of practical implementation methods for congestion pricing¡±, graduated in 2006. 

(currently, Associate Professor, School of Management and Engineering, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China)


Judith Y.T. WANG

Thesis: ¡°Strategic gaming analysis of competitive transportation services¡±, graduated in 2004.

(currently, Associate Professor, School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, United Kingdom)


Xiaoning ZHANG

Thesis: ¡°Optimal road pricing in transportation networks¡±, graduated in 2003. 

(currently, Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, Shanghai, China)


Fengxiang QIAO

Thesis: ¡°Intelligent classification, simulation and control of traffic flow¡±, graduated in 2000. 

(currently, Professor, Department of Transportation Studies, Texas Southern University, Texas, USA)


Qiang MENG

Thesis: ¡°Bi-level transportation modeling and optimization¡±, graduated in 2000. 

(currently, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore)






Former M.Phil. Students




Cong BAI 

Hau LI          

¡°Ride-sharing and cost allocation with autonomous vehicles¡± (graduated in 2019)

¡°Bimodal interaction between congested highway and crowded transit with heterogeneous commuters¡± (graduated in 2016)


Salman Tariq

¡°Taxi market equilibrium with discrete and continuously distributed value of time of customers¡± (graduated in 2015).


Linxi CHEN 

¡°Managing congestion and emissions on road networks¡± (graduated in 2011)


Bingqing ZHAO

¡°Speed limit, speed selection and network equilibrium¡± (graduated in 2013).


Linxi CHEN 

¡°Managing congestion and emissions on road networks¡± (graduated in 2011)



¡°Equilibrium properties of taxi services with a bilateral taxi-customer searching and meeting function¡± (graduated in 2009)


Choi Sim FUNG

¡°Nonlinear pricing of taxi services¡± (graduated in 2008)


Yang LIU

¡°Pareto-improving and revenue-neutral congestion pricing¡± (graduated in 2007)


Wing Yin LEUNG

¡°Equilibrium of bilaterial taxi-customer searching and meeting on networks¡± (graduated in 2005)


Junfei GUAN

¡°Simultaneous determination of transit line configuration and passenger line assignment¡± (graduated in 2004)


Min YE

¡°Static and dynamic equilibrium analysis of urban taxi services¡± (graduated in January 2004) (co-supervisor)


Liping GAN

¡°Optimal traffic counting location for origin-destination matrix estimation¡± (graduated in 2002)


Tsz Hang LAM

¡°Modeling day-to-day departure time and route choice under advanced traveler information systems¡± (graduated in 2001)


Ka Kin WOO

¡°Analysis of investment in private toll roads¡± (graduated in 2000)


Ka Kan LO

¡°Analysis of reliability of transportation networks¡± (graduated in 2000)


Yan Wing LAU

¡°Modeling the level of taxi services in Hong Kong¡± (graduated in 1997)