Current Students


Zhengfei Zheng (PhD Student, Fall, 2018, from Harbin Institute of Technology)

Doctoral Thesis Topic: ******

E-mail: ****

Rakibul Hassan (PhD Student, Fall, 2017, from Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology)

Doctoral Thesis Topic: Incentive-compatible strategies for meeting and ridesharing


Xiaoren QIN  (PhD Student, Fall, 2017, from South China University of Technology)

Doctoral Thesis Topic:   Modeling and optimization of ride-sourcing platforms


Jintao KE (PhD Student, Fall, 2016, from Zhejiang University)

Doctoral Thesis Topic: Managing demand and supply in ride-sourcing markets


Yili TANG (PhD Student, Fall, 2015, from Central South University)

Doctoral Thesis Topic: Managing rail transit peak-hour congestion with fare-reward schemes


Chaoyi SHAO (PhD Student, Fall, 2014, from Zhejiang University)

Doctoral Thesis Topic: Sharing and pricing private parking slots


Junlin ZHANG  (PhD Student, Fall, 2013, from Tsinghua University)

Doctoral Thesis Topic: Economic analysis and modeling of urban public transportation

 E-mail: jzhangbf

Xinwei LI (PhD Student, Fall, 2013, from University of Science and Technology of China)

Doctoral Thesis Topic: Pricing with day-to-day traffic flow dynamics